Events encompass crowds of various sizes in public venues, gathered for the purpose of enjoying Sports, Music, Conferences, Exhibitions and other activities with the attendant Security and Health & Safety risks.

Castillon provides Crowd Control Officers (CSO’s) and Ushers. Services include:

  • Crowd Management
  • Access Control including the supply and operation of Walk Through Metal Detectors and Hand Held Metal Detectors
  • Bag Checks to prevent unauthorized items, including weapons and hazardous materials from entry to the venue
  • Traffic and Car Park Management
  • Fire Safety Officers
  • VIP and Artist’s Escort and Protection
  • All other functions relevant to the Security and Safety of Stadium and Event Venues

Together with Venue Owners and Operators, Castillon develops and implement Standard Security and Emergency Operating Procedures, together with Workplace Safety and Health & Safety practices. Regularly reviews are carried out to ensure relevance to changes or upgrading of risk.

The safety and security of Event attendees is paramount and our staff are trained to deliver the assigned services and duties, with a high level of competency. Staff training and development is a core Castillon value and ensures our Event staff are motivated, dedicated and well trained to deliver the tasks assigned.

Our Event Security Management team has extensive experience, locally and overseas, in providing and managing Event Security for more than 50,000 attendees at any one time.