Secure Solutions is where Manned Security and Integrated Security Systems are integral and supported by Standard Operating and Emergency Procedures, Command and Control, Response, Training and Supervision. The main benefit to the client, is the optimum deployment of security manpower supported by alerts to ensure a timely and appropriate response.

To determine the right approach and mix of security services and equipment, a risk assessment needs to be carried-out. The risk assessment will detail the risks to the business and or property and the gaps in the current plan, if any. This will provide the foundations to develop a security plan to mitigate the highlighted risks.

The recommended security plan is likely to include some if not all of the solutions or services listed below:

  • Manned Security with on-site Command, Control and Response
  • Mobile Patrols and Site Supervision
  • Off site Monitoring, Command, Control and Response
  • Design and implementation of Integrated Security Systems, including CCTV, Access Control and Alarm Reporting
  • Preparation of Standard Operating and Emergency Procedures
  • Assist Clients with the planning, preparation and implementation with their Business Continuity Plan (BCP)
  • Penetration tests to check the effectiveness of a particular security plan/solution