IntelliQ – Provider of a Leading Loss Prevention Solution.

The IntelliQ solution provides Retailers with complete visibility of their till transactions throughout their retail estate and as a result be able to detect and reduce till fraud.
Loss Prevention analytics provides Loss Prevention Officers with transaction patterns and trends which allows them to identify and focus their time and effort on potential till fraud and as a result, reducing losses and improving overall margins.

Armor Smart Safes

Leading manufacturer of Smart Safes enabling cash receipts to be accurately counted, stored and protected against internal and external loss. Safes designed to suit single and multiple till retail outlets, including escrow to support till tray cash content validation.
Armor also manufactures a Self-Service Business Deposit unit which can be deployed at Bank Self-Service branches to remove cross counter deposits and at shopping malls to facilitate retailers to make deposits at end of day and weekends when cash levels are at the highest, rather than be restricted by banking hours. Next banking day credit can be provided.
CacheNET 10K
Cache System CS Compact


Spinnaker is a leading manufacturer of IBNS products to protect cash in ATM cassettes and cross pavement movements of cash by employing the Spinnaker iBox.
Spinnaker is also a leader through its CashTrack product to monitor the movement of vehicles, iBoxes, ATM’s, Safes and any valuable items being transported.
Spinnaker’s forensic asset marker, CashTag, tags physical assets with a unique DNA signature